Happy 11 Months

Happy 11 months my angel you are just getting cuter by the day!!  You have started laughing at everything which is too cute, you can say Mamma, Dadda and Nyum nyum when you eat.
You have started walking around holding on to everything so you are definitely a pro at exploring the lounge.  Another great milestone is that you are 100% better and you are on no medicine not even your losec for reflux I cant tell you how happy this makes me lets hope its stays this way for a long time, today is your first day back at creche so Im hoping you arent going to kiss any girls and get germs will be praying for this the whole day, week and year.  Mommy is also very busy planning your birthday party I dont know what Im going to do with myself after your birthday as I have loved every minute of planning it all, love you lots my angel xx

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