Update on Cole

We finally came home from the hospital on saturday night, the tests revealed that Cole has reflux so we have been given medication which he will probably take for up to a year apparently the little muscle that stops acid from coming up hasnt been developed properly so it takes about a year for the muscle to get strong and do its job on its own, its horrible because he still chokes quite a bit so we just have to keep an eye on him dont ask me how Im ever supposed to let him out of my sight now, Im so paranoid!! Oh well heres a pic of the little sweetie pie with the feeding tube it was horrible to see him like this for 3 days but atleast its been sorted and its not tooooo serious!! Good news he now weighs 3.8kg and Im giving him mostly breastmilk and hardly any formula as it seems to make him niggly, he also had his 6 week vaccinations yesterday so shame he must really be thinking this place called earth is all about pain, my boy hopefully things will go better from now on : )

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